Top Ten Reasons to Attend

Invitation Only

  • The Premier CIO Forum offers an exclusive opportunity to network with your peers on a regional basis. CIOs and Sr. IT Executives are invited to compare challenges and successful solutions from a variety of vertical markets.

Networking Opportunities

  • Being a regional conference, you can network with IT leaders from within a 150 mile radius in an educational and relaxed setting. The agenda focuses on topics of interest with regular opportunities to ask questions, compare with the public/private sectors and socialize with long-time industry acquaintances.


  • This relaxed yet organized atmosphere allows learning and comparing notes with other local practitioners. In two days, you can forge relationships that go outside of your vertical market and help create a synergy with your staff that can lead to innovative ideas and solutions long after the closing session.

Schedule Flexibility

  • Our agenda is designed to work with demanding schedules. You can come all day or choose which sessions work and are of interest to you.

Worth Your Time?

  • The CIO Forum offers you to hear others stories and challenges, throughout the conference. You’ll be able to see if your company is ahead or behind the bell curve . . . and where best to find the solutions. The contacts you make here will be with you long after the Forum is over.


  • Supplier companies are recommended by our Executive Advisory Council to participate in our Forums. With a maximum of only 25 sponsors, you can assist in solving business problems with IT solutions. Aggressive selling is not allowed at the Forums.

Expressive Environment

  • The CIO Forum encourages the exchange of thoughts and ideas. We do not invite any press or media and none are allowed to attend. This ensures that thoughts and opinions expressed are not taken out of context or showing up in print. Most of our Forums are less than 200 people, allowing you to get to know your peers without being lost in a crowd.

Topics and Presentations

  • The CIO Forum gathers topic ideas from the local Executive Advisory Council. Ideas are also shared from the 14 different locations where the CIO Forums are held. Presentations are urged to be either “case studies” or “best practices” with a mix of special keynote speakers that can address leadership and team building.

What's the Focus?

  • Our agenda topics change from year to year, depending upon the always changing cutting-edge of the industry. It is also driven by our Advisory Council to focus on some personal “take away” subjects such as: leadership, communication, project management and, on occasion, a fascinating true story.

Getting Involved

  • As a leading IT practitioner in your organization, you have an opportunity to be a part of the Executive Advisory Council. You can recommend topics for future discussion, suggest inviting speakers or other regional IT leaders to attend, recommend vendors to be asked to participate, and you can invite your direct reports to attend the Forum.